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In addition to the diploma and residency requirements, ANC students must meet the minimum total credit requirement.

Credit, known as points or credit points, is awarded for each term passed in a course. The credit (i.e., the number of points a student receives for a course) is determined by the number of hours per marking period the course meets. A marking period is approximately 11 weeks long and each point represents no less than 11 clock hours of class time. Students who miss significant class time may have credit reduced.  This is left to the discretion of the school.

For one-, two-, and three-year students, point requirements will be prorated to reflect course work completed while attending ANC.

Students must pass the required number of marking periods and points per discipline as well as earn an overall point requirement to graduate.

In order to remain enrolled at ANC or to advance with class, a student whose diploma is in jeopardy may be required to take a summer or online program of studies at an approved school. If this program is successfully completed, the faculty may approve credit. These credits may apply to the appropriate area quota and total points quota, but shall not be used for computing total GPA or quality points.

Credit and the Transcript

Every student's transcript will show all courses taken and grades earned in the Boys or Girls School, whether passing or failing. In cases where courses are repeated at ANC, the grades and points received the second time will supersede previous grades and will be used for diploma status. Both grades will be factored in to the student's cumulative GPA.  Only courses taken at ANC will appear on a student's ANC transcript.

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