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Seniors at ANC are all enrolled in Senior Seminar, a course that helps prepare them for life after high school. Seniors can also choose to participate in our distinctive year-long Leadership Seminar and Capstone Project (Senior Project) course or they can receive credit for volunteering with the production of the school yearbook.

Co-Ed Senior Project and Senior Seminar Courses
Leadership Seminar and Capstone Project (Senior Project)
This course develops fundamentals of leadership and communication. It allows students to explore a topic of their own choosing, combining class instruction, independent study and mentoring to support their endeavor. Each project begins with a research paper which emphasizes critical thinking. Students then complete a project related to their research and organize a portfolio record of all work. Additionally, each student offers a service to their community that is related to their project. The course concludes with a public presentation. "Purpose," "Stretch" and "Challenge" are central themes of this course. Many students invest a great deal of time in this course, but also find it exceptionally rewarding. Accelerated weight.
Senior Seminar†
A 5 week (2 credits) required course for seniors, in personal finance and basic economic principles. Topics include budgeting, personal finance, overview of the financial markets, and networking. A variety of activities will be used to introduce students into the skills they will need to manage their finances and understand the economics of the world around them.


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