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If Support Service staff cannot sufficiently support an ANC student, we refer them to the Growth Opportunity Center or the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU) for psycho-educational testing.

SOAR Study Skills Program

This link connects to our SOAR Study Skills program. It is designed to help students develop better study skills and work habits for college and life. Please feel free to consult it when assisting your student in their learning.

SOAR Study Skills: Parent resources are available at

Growth Opportunity Center

The Growth Opportunity Center charges a fee, but they can usually administer the tests in a timely manner. A copy of the results is sent to parents and then to the school with written permission by the parents. The ESS staff communicates the results and recommendations to the student's teachers. The MCIU provides free educational services to both public and non-public schools in Montgomery County. However, due to the demand for this testing across the county, it often takes a month or more to process (This service is not available to dormitory residents whose home residence is outside of Montgomery County). A psychological referral form is obtained through the ESS staff and filled out and approved by ESS, parents, and the principal. Testing takes place during the school day, typically from 8:20 am until 11 am. The psychologist then analyzes the test and meets with the parents in the afternoon to review the results. The results are then sent to the Academy with written permission by the parents and communicated to the student's teachers by ESS staff.

Psycho-Educational Testing

  • Psycho-Educational testing is recommended for students who have experienced persistent academic challenges that are not met by adjusting study habits, or through receiving extra help from classroom teachers. We strongly recommended that students requiring Study Periods receive Psycho-Educational testing if they do not have testing in their records. Contact the Director of Educational Support Services if you have questions. 267 502 2662

    Obtaining Psycho-Educational Testing

  • Day students not living in Bryn Athyn: Contact your local school district of residence to arrange for testing. School districts publish the numbers and email addresses online for your convenience.
  • Day students who live in Bryn Athyn and boarding students: Contact the Director of Educational Support Services, Brenda Rydstrom to arrange for testing by The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.

  • The above testing services are available at no cost to the student/parents.

  • Private testing: This service is available from a number of educational and psychological counselling centers for any student who desires it. Private testing usually occurs more quickly than district or IU testing. However, there is a cost associated with private testing. The Academy of The New Church frequently refers parents to the Growth Opportunity Center which is a local educational support and counselling center in nearby Huntingdon Valley.
  • College and Students with Learning Disabilities

  • College Accommodations for Students with Disabilities This document will help in understanding what colleges will do in the way of accommodations for students with disabilities.

  • College Transition for Students with Disabilities This document explains some factors involved in students with disabilities transitioning from high school to college.

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