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At ANC our academic program allows each gender to thrive independently while respecting and learning from the unique talents of the other. An ANC education includes both single-gender and co-ed classes, so ANC students receive the advantages of an all-girls or all-boys classroom environment, while also benefiting from cooperation and camaraderie between genders.

Courses such as Religion, English, and History are taught separately in the Boys School and the Girls School, and content is tailored specifically for each gender. In courses such as physics and advanced mathematics, boys and girls learn together to allow each gender to contribute their complementary perspectives to the topic. Over the course of four years at ANC, students progress from mostly single-gender courses in 9th grade to mostly co-ed courses in 12th grade.

In keeping with our religious foundation, every ANC course integrates spiritual lessons with the academic subject matter, enabling students to develop both morally and intellectually. This integration of academic and spiritual content allows our students to find meaning in every subject and develop a strong sense of purpose.

We have an average class size of 15 students and an 8:1 student-teacher ratio, so our students benefit from individual attention and teachers who are invested in the success of every student.

Our academic courses are rigorous and provide students with a strong foundation for their futures. We offer Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in English, Mathematics, Science, History, and World Languages. Our students consistently score well above the national average on AP tests (3 or above for 88% of honors students) and our entrance test scores are consistently well above national averages. SAT averages are consistently 125 points above the national average, and SAT placement is in the 70th percentile, compared to other college-bound seniors.

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